New Jacket. New Season!

Throughout my waiting for God’s move in different areas of life, I have learned that patience is a posture. We cannot be both trusting of God and stressed. Faith is not anxious and worried about tomorrow, and like Father Abraham, we are counted as righteous because of our belief.

A few months back, and on a whim, I decided to accompany my parents to the mall. This is unusual because for the most part, I have primarily been an online and essentials only type of shopper…with the exception of Targét, of course. We always got time for that!

Any way, I was down for the mall excursion and figured, eh, maybe I’ll find a jacket today. I had had a lightweight, casual and semi-neutral colored jacket on my mental wish list for a while now. Years, actually.

We went to Burlington with high hopes, and I went straight to the women’s medium jacket section and began browsing. I tried on a few jackets without a mirror, until I found a jacket worthy of a search for one nearby. Since the mirror closest to me was occupied by another lady, I walked quite a ways off from my starting point (towards the large section) to scope out the fit; it was a nice jacket indeed.

However, in the corner of my right eye, adjacent to the mirror serving me at the time, I saw an abandoned reject of another’s hanging limply on the rack off-the-hanger. It was a displaced olive gem, that ironically looked like my size.

My eyes lit up. With excitement, I took off the jacket I had on, and put on the green one. I knew immediately…it was it! That quickly, I had found the jacket that I had been desiring and patiently waiting for, for years. Wow!

Firstly, I wasn’t even shopping over there in that section. I began in a familiar section. I had to move far from the location of the old one to get closer to the new one that was for me. Hello somebody!

Secondly, the jacket was a size that I would not usually select to try on, let alone, purchase! There was no way I would have even stumbled upon it without the divine mirror hunt.

Thirdly, it fit exactly how I wanted it to and was priced reasonably! It was for me. I could cry at how God was using this jacket to minister to me, and how sweet of Him to not forget the little things and my aged petitions.

I believe God placed this message in my heart to share:

More of that is coming! Not just for me, but for many of you as well. God is going to bless you with something that you have been waiting for, for a very long time. He’s going to do it easily and suddenly. It is going to be easy, because it is time. It didn’t work out before because it was early. But God is on.point, like my new jacket (😉🙌🏽). I am grateful. Everything is going to fit because it is made for you. It is going to be larger than what you are used to, but you will fit into it, and you will wear it well. It is yours; a gift from your Heavenly Father. The old will not do in this season.

Praise Him in advance. Hallelujah!

©2019 • Chan’tel Nikole Grayson

#Ruth #Prophecy

I’m in tears…surprised much? Don’t act new, ya’ll know I’m water works! Today we got some happy tears of gratitude going on (I cry those the most). I received a prophetic word from my “uncle” today via e-mail and boy oh boy was it timely. I’ve been so blessed in my obedience to move to the East Coast. As I’ve walked by faith and not by sight the Lord has really opened up doors and windows and boxes…he’s stretching me to a new level; a place where he desires for me to be in Him. At times I’m overwhelmed, but I’m trying to remain receptive of it all…it’s coming so quickly. Pray for me.

Now, I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, A prophecy is a confirmation of what you already know. I have been prayerful (and remain prayerful) throughout this entire transition and this word that he sent me aligned perfectly. He said:

Chan’tel, prophetically speaking, God showed me your new named character for the season today to share. Your name is “Ruth” and as you walk in Ruth 1:16 you will follow a great mentor in the faith. God wants to stretch you and it was required he put somebody into your life with a different experience and insight. God is raising up leaders with solutions for today’s problems and that’s why you are here.

Ruth gleaned from Naomi and got into the right field as in her leaving Moab where things were bad, to go to Bethlehem, where things are good (Richmond). *tears began flowing* Remember this Ruth moment, “So Ruth left the comfort of the familiar, stepped out in faith, and not only ended up surviving, but THRIVING. In the end she married Boaz, the OWNER OF THE FIELD, and went on to become part of the family of King David and our Lord Jesus Christ. How’s that for a turn around? God’s plan for your future involves connection with the right people (already started) and being in the right field. SO ask Him to guide you.


A prediction of what will happen in the future.
The faculty, function, or practice of prophesying.

I receive it and I receiveded it. I ask that you all continue to keep me in your prayers during this journey. When people are raised up in the world they often change negatively. My prayer is that as God raises me up in His kingdom, that I will change positively and bring many up with me.