Lost Files: Petty Theft

I recently found an old memo that I wrote in my kindle that I thought I’d share with you all. It’s about an experience that I had in June 2016 testing my integrity and well, my identity in Christ, to be honest. Though some aspects of this little note may seem too silly to mention, I really hope it ministers to someone struggling with integrity. Integrity is one of the many marks of a child of God, and it’s such a beautiful root of trust that intertwines with the motivations of our heart.

I can’t remember if I actually published this note in my book, Before You Soar. It may be a “lost file” or an excerpt. Either way, I’ll just keep it rough and copy and paste it below “as is”, and hope you’re blessed and encouraged.

A testimony of faith.
The Lord’s refinement.
Embracing the process.
In the valley.
In the fire.
Through the storm.
New creation.


Job. Loss of friends.

June 11, 2016 – morning

I understand how or why people who have little or none steal to meet their need. I’ve been tested to justify breaking of the 8th commandment on several occasions during this season, especially since I’ve been living in this house unfairly compensated. I’m talking petty thefts like a few q-tips and little body wash to just stay clean in this heat. Coincidentally it’s the same brand I use. Satan is good at what he does. My soap is in a container broken into little pieces and I dare not throw it away. I used a few q-tips and felt convicted, so recently I purchased some to refill their package before I move out. They’ll never know, but me and God will always. I can’t be trusted with much if I’m unfaithful with little. If “it’s just a q-tip”, then I just need to leave it alone. It doesn’t belong to me and it isn’t part of my living arrangement agreement. She is to provide food only, and I’m grateful she finally stepped up to the plate on that one. I don’t want to do to her what she was doing to me.

©2018 • Chan’tel Nikole Grayson

The Greatest of These #Love

So these three things continue forever: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinth. 13:13


Persist in an activity or process.
Remain in existence or operation.

I love love and love talking about it. We all need it and I believe we as a people are truly blessed if we’re granted the opportunity to experience in it’s purity at some point in our lives. It is the greatest and there’s no takebacks on the real deal.

One of the greatest things about love is that it is victorious and remains awesome even when us people are defeated and lowly. It never gives up or fails on us, we do. And, for whatever selfish reason we choose to stop cooperating with it, it still wins the championship belt. Ha, we’re not so big and bad afterall. Oh, but, it will certainly allow us to believe that we are. We always have a choice to do so and we’re always making them with our actions.

Love is very much a verb and requires action. In fact, it requires constant action. Yes,
Love must be a conscious act of continuity.

Sometimes the most difficult and consequently the best decisions in life are made from a place of love (believe me, I know). Shoot, My Abba Father makes them all the time. Decisions that hurt us, anger us, cause us to deny, ignore, retaliate, hide and change our demeanor…but Love’s demeanor doesn’t change when ours does.


So, if you’re gonna do it (love, that is), I pray you do it right. If you’ve tried to love right but failed, know that really, you didn’t if you tried your hardest — and I hope you get a second chance. If you don’t know how to love (that’s okay), but you must accept that you will never be able to until you’ve been a receptor of it. If you’ve never been a receptor of it, I pray that one day, in God’s timing you will be (Yay!). And when that day arrives, I pray that you will be a good student of love and be a good steward of love because that one word is so great.

Faith. Hope. Love.

…the greatest of these is love. God is love.