#Love, #Craigslist, #Netflix, and Joe.

So my younger brother has excellent taste in movies and yesterday he recommended yet another Netflix delight — a documentary film by the name of Craigslist Joe.  If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll sum it up for you like this:

joe-like pugJoe is a guy who decided to do an experiment.  For one month he would live completely off of Craigslist and see where it leads him.  He had no money, got a new phone and number, and didn’t communicate with anyone from his old life other than a guy he met on Craigslist prior to, to film the entire thing.

I shot a text to my uncle (another movie lover) recommending he check out the documentary but all he cared to know was, “How did it end?”.  That was a good question.  How did it end?  I thought.  How quickly I had forgotten about the details of the documentary.  I was focused on it’s impact and inspiration.

Here I was watching another adventurous individual, Joe, or, “my friend in my head” as Wendy Williams would say (ha – don’t judge me) whose experiment turned into an amazing pay-it-forward movement.  The documentary ended and I said, “God, I’m in!”…

1) Because I secretly love roughing it and succeeding with flying colors.  And,
2) I’m a lover and I’m still here.

Now I’m not crazy…I’m not about to go hitch rides with strangers or really “rough it” alone (any takers? jk), but I do desire to do what I can safely and more importantly, lovingly.  I believe we all share that in common; the purpose to love.  God has finely created us with many gifts, talents, and characteristics to do what he has purposed us to do, and love is the foundation of all of it.  God is love.


So this is what I did…

I went on Craigslist and browsed ads.  Some ads were indeed discouraging like some guy who wanted help euthanizing a frickin’ pit bull. Umm…yea, no thanks!  But just when I’d seen one too many ads that didn’t fancy me, there it was; Laura.  Verbatim, it read:

“hello i am a single mother ineed of clothes and shoes for my
two children i have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old boy .
i am really ineed of shoes and clothes for them as they fit at there size
and also would appreciate if someone made there wish come true for
them to have a good easter and helped me with easter baskets and eggs for them
to have a good easter please if someone would love to help me i would really apprecite it
you can please email me back and would respond instantly
god bless you :)”

Now I don’t have any kids and could not provide clothes, but by the grace of God and thanks to Craigslist, Netflix, and Joe, my brother and I were able to make some kids smile by expressing love in the form of Easter Baskets. Darn, I should have taken pictures!

Any who…have a wonderful ressurection celebration loves! Let us not forget why we’re here!

No worries, I’m fine. #Praise #Worship

“But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” – Psalm 22:3

I’m on my lunch break and I’m really full.  Not full of food though (Although it sure was bomb!).  I’m full of Christ.  His love overwhelms me — all parts of Him and who He is.  Oh, my beloved, how grateful I am that you are mine, and I yours!  We praise You on today for your goodness, mercy, and unfailing love!

Like I said, I’m on my lunch break.  I’m in tears and my make-up is officially jacked.  No worries, I’m fine.  As usual, I’ve been basking in the presence of the Lord, chatting it up with King Jesus and loving me some Him.  I’m really full.  Now I can let it out like I want to.  As I awakened this morning, I invited the Lord into my room with song.  I sang, “You Are Good” in my crusty, not-so-Kari Jobe-like morning voice.  (I overuse that word ‘crusty’ by the way) The Lord loved it too.  I love that He loves me.  He saw beyond the voice and zoomed into the thought, the effort, the motive, the heart.  That’s what counts.  I began with this part of the song…

Everyday I’ll awaken my praise and pour out a song from my heart

You are good, You are good, You are good and your mercy is forever

I absolutely love praising God.  It comes easy and gives me great joy to do so.  But I do understand that what comes easy to some doesn’t come as easy for others.  I also understand that practice and desire to overcome – the decision to overcome, has power.  At times when I’m worshiping with the music ministry, I’m amazed at how some can just sit or stand (at least they’re standing) and watch you praise the Lord.  No participation.

 Your breakthrough is never contingent on the praise of someone else, and God’s habitat is only as large as you build it. 

Big praise, produces a big environment, making room for a big God.  That’s what we want.  Kick rocks Satan!  If you’re not used to opening your mouth and praising God, that’s okay.  But I can assure you that the enemy would love for you to never get used to it.  There’s power in your praise; power in words period.  Praise tears down walls, kills giants, and socks the devil in throat.  You don’t have to start with a song like I did this morning.  You can start with a “Thank You Lord”, an “I love you Jesus”, a “You are worthy God”.  Better yet, start with the highest praise – Hallelujah!  You can start now.  Trust me, like you and I, He loves to be wooed and will express His gratitude.

I can’t speak for the praise of anyone else, but this is a little about mine.  (Not really sure why I’m sharing it, but let’s roll with it).

My heart often speaks to the Lord in tears. My most deepest and heartfelt prayers for you, others, and myself are in the form of tears. Whatever it is that I’m praying and seeking God for, I want it so deeply, so badly, that it moves me to tears.  Each drop, a petition.  Then at other times, my most deepest and heartfelt thanks and gratitude unto God for all He has ever done and is forever doing presently and in advance is also in the form of tears.  I have huge faith and I truly believe that every petition that I’ve launched into the heavens in Jesus’ name, I do have. I see it in the spirit realm and hold onto His promises.  No take-backs, just miracles.  I’m speechless and in awe, and I cry.  Each drop, a thank you for [insert petition here].  This sometimes turns into a shout or jump (and a crazy ‘Oh my gosh is she okay?’ look to be actually asked later smh).  Shout out to the Holy Spirit for that one.  I’m not complaining.  I’m not embarrassed.  It’s all good with me, because my God is all good to me.  This had to be where the phrase “Oh My Goodness” came from lol.

At church I love sitting at the end of the row (doesn’t happen all the time, but I do). I like it because I can scoot over near or into the aisle and not allow for my praise to be hindered in any way.  Arms out as far as I can stretch them? yes, please (that’s what they’re for).

So the next time you see me praising the Lord, don’t trip.  I’m just  a worshiper washing my Savior’s feet with my tears.  The oil in my alabaster box is costly, my friend.  No worries, I’m fine.

The More I Seek You. #Song #Worship

You probably don’t know because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I’m a singer in the wonderful music ministry at my church, and this Sunday we’re singing one of the lovely Kari Jobe’s songs, “The More I Seek You”.  It is such a beautiful love song that truly epitomizes a sweet relationship with the Lord.  I’ve been singing it inside and out since I first heard it and I am excited to see how God will use us vessels this Sunday as we sing.  Check it out, let’s stay in tune with one another…enjoy 🙂

Once Upon A Time #Poetry #Poem #Gratitude #Thankfulness

I’m blessed ya’ll!  Really and truly blessed.  I think I need to stop saying “this is the happiest I’ve ever been” because the best IS yet to come and well, to God be the glory that I’m going to be happier!

Life gets better when you serve the right God …and wholeheartedly, Amen?

The Lord is so sweet in his endeavors and always seeing about ME.  How can you not love a guy like that?!  Seriously.  But yea, in this post though, I wanted to show honor and gratitude to you and momma ‘nem.

I think about the word legacy in this season.  What I’ve inherited and not earned.  I think about all of those beautiful past and present selfless choices and sacrifices of others and I don’t take them lightly at all.  I think of all of those who’ve given me a dope beat to step to (ha) and worshipped You, Oh God.  Served You, obeyed You, gave their money and even more precious, their love and time.  I, thank YOU.

In the book of Galatians, it talks about how one reaps what they sow.  That’s a good thing!  We should be a people that rejoice at the comprehension of that scripture, not cringe!  Sow, and sow well because it’s not all about us.  Give honor and thanks to those who have sown and are causing you and I to reap.  My heart is full of gratitude, and in that I wrote a little something to show my appreciation.  If it applies to you, please receive it.  If it doesn’t, just know that you can choose to do something about that.  Enjoy 🙂

Once Upon A Time

There once was a rose that rose, that

I do not suppose

was watered daily

by the sweat of those

Who said “Sir”

Who said “Ma’am”

to carriers of spam

Who said “Thank You”

Who said “Please”

then grew thorns

as they appeased

There once was a rose that rose, that

I do not suppose

saw hope in a darkened room

of like colors that loom

Who knew you

Who knew me

and served their

unknown heredity

I am so thankful that

There once was a rose that rose, that

I do not suppose

grew tall in it’s bouquet

despite all thrown hearsay

Who chose to live

when some said die

and chose to smile

when most did cry

So strong, that beautiful rose.

There once was a rose that rose, that

I do not suppose

hoped for one day

where a new rose would blossom

and just say

Thank You.

©2012 • Chan’tel Nikole Grayson

#Worshipper #Song #CantonJones

OMGosh! I just had to share this song with you guys. I love it and my spirit continues to sing it long after my mouth has stopped. It’s called “Worshipper” by Canton Jones. It’s one of those story-of-my-life type of songs, which means, yes, I’m playin’ it out haha. My favorite part of the lyrics is towards the end when he sings to the Lord…

“Youuu have my heart
and no matter where I go
I will always let it show…

Here’s the rest of the lyrics and the video. Enjoy 🙂