Missing You

All these years I’ve been missing you
Oblivious to your absence
or…codependence, I should say
I’m sorry that I neglected you
Along the way

I was busy
And bullied
Didn’t feel
To process fully

To heal
The crucial parts
Yet and still


Shining in His glory
Even cute with your mistakes
Lost in His presence
And found
Now that I’m awake

And accepting
And not rejecting

Now, we’re more acquainted than ever
I fancy you
There’s no parting now
I’m here through and through

Been working in the field
Been waiting for the rain
I had no idea
All along
That it was you
That I would gain

They say if the love comes back
Then it was surely meant to be
So glad your love came back, Nu
Because all these years I’ve been missing me.

©2020 • Chan’tel Nikole Grayson

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