#Love, #Craigslist, #Netflix, and Joe.

So my younger brother has excellent taste in movies and yesterday he recommended yet another Netflix delight — a documentary film by the name of Craigslist Joe.  If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll sum it up for you like this:

joe-like pugJoe is a guy who decided to do an experiment.  For one month he would live completely off of Craigslist and see where it leads him.  He had no money, got a new phone and number, and didn’t communicate with anyone from his old life other than a guy he met on Craigslist prior to, to film the entire thing.

I shot a text to my uncle (another movie lover) recommending he check out the documentary but all he cared to know was, “How did it end?”.  That was a good question.  How did it end?  I thought.  How quickly I had forgotten about the details of the documentary.  I was focused on it’s impact and inspiration.

Here I was watching another adventurous individual, Joe, or, “my friend in my head” as Wendy Williams would say (ha – don’t judge me) whose experiment turned into an amazing pay-it-forward movement.  The documentary ended and I said, “God, I’m in!”…

1) Because I secretly love roughing it and succeeding with flying colors.  And,
2) I’m a lover and I’m still here.

Now I’m not crazy…I’m not about to go hitch rides with strangers or really “rough it” alone (any takers? jk), but I do desire to do what I can safely and more importantly, lovingly.  I believe we all share that in common; the purpose to love.  God has finely created us with many gifts, talents, and characteristics to do what he has purposed us to do, and love is the foundation of all of it.  God is love.


So this is what I did…

I went on Craigslist and browsed ads.  Some ads were indeed discouraging like some guy who wanted help euthanizing a frickin’ pit bull. Umm…yea, no thanks!  But just when I’d seen one too many ads that didn’t fancy me, there it was; Laura.  Verbatim, it read:

“hello i am a single mother ineed of clothes and shoes for my
two children i have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old boy .
i am really ineed of shoes and clothes for them as they fit at there size
and also would appreciate if someone made there wish come true for
them to have a good easter and helped me with easter baskets and eggs for them
to have a good easter please if someone would love to help me i would really apprecite it
you can please email me back and would respond instantly
god bless you :)”

Now I don’t have any kids and could not provide clothes, but by the grace of God and thanks to Craigslist, Netflix, and Joe, my brother and I were able to make some kids smile by expressing love in the form of Easter Baskets. Darn, I should have taken pictures!

Any who…have a wonderful ressurection celebration loves! Let us not forget why we’re here!

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