I’ve never used the “reblog” option before but I thought Jacqueline’s post was awesome and timely for what I’m encountering in my life. With her permission I will hopefully create a post based on my own realization of a familiar “Lot” in my life that I’m having difficulty being separated from. Grateful for this post. In my eyes, a must read! Enjoy.

Healing For The Nation

The mind is a very wonderful and  fascinating invention. With it, one can paint pictures as if on a canvas, simply by activating it. It can transport us forward in time, to a futuristic scene, in which we have accomplished the end product of our thoughts. Meaning we have the power of vision. The ability to dream. It can take us back into the past. Allowing us in our minds, to replay scenes in our lives, making the outcome exactly what we would have done, if we had it to do all over again. Simply put, it is a shiny example of the ingenuity and omniscience, of a very intelligent, and powerful creator.

God equipped man with the ability to use his mind, to catapult himself forward on his journey through life. If one is to achieve anything in life, it will be with the aid of the creative mind and thinking of…

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