Walking In The Holy Spirit #CharlesStanley

While organizing and going through some boxes today, I stumbled upon some old notes that I wrote about walking in the Holy Spirit from a sermon I watched on television sometime last year. The sermon was titled: Walking In The Holy Spirit. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it — I think it’s important to share especially in this day and age. We need all the help we can get, and The Holy Spirit is there for that very reason; to help us. May it minister to you as it did to me.

Many of us Christians go on through life routinely living a “godly life” when in fact, you cannot live a godly life, serve the Lord adequately, or understand how He works in your life apart from the Holy Spirit. It is absolutely impossible. You cannot do what God is called you to do without you inviting the Holy Spirit in. The Holy Spirit is as much a person as is Jesus. When we accept Christ as our Savior and invite Him into our lives, we should invite the Holy Spirit as well. Talk to the Holy Spirit just like you talk to Jesus. They work together.

The desires of the flesh is the desire to live outside of the will of God. Only inside of God’s will is where we, God’s children, are protected. Only inside. The bible tells us that if we choose to live by the Holy Spirit, then we will not do what our sinful selves want.

To be filled with the Holy Spirit and to walk in the spirit is to be totally and completely controlled (yes, controlled!). It’s a lifestyle; living moment by moment (what I call “go with the flow”) in dependency upon Him, sensitive to His voice and in obedience to Him. I’m not gonna lie, that’s definitely big and sounds easier than it seems. Kinda like saying you’ll get rich overnight. But, if and when you do surrender, it’s definitely worth it. The result will be living a godly life of obedience. I’m giving you a winning lotto ticket.

When we submit unto the Holy Spirit (or any spirit), we grant permission to the spirit, allowing it to use us as an expression of ___________. We develop a sensitivity which enables us to obey the initial promptings of the spirit. The Holy Spirit is an expression of Jesus Christ. Because I have invited the Holy Spirit into my life, I am an expression of Jesus Christ.

The work of the Holy Spirit teaches us the truth and reminds us of the truth from God’s word, testifies about who Jesus is, convicts us concerning sin, guides us into all truth, glorifies Jesus, and indwells in every believer.

Scripture References:  Galatians 5:16; 25,  John 14:26,  John 16:8-13, Romans 8:11, Acts 1:7-8, Ephesians 1:13

Change your life today. Choose to go to a higher level in the Kingdom of God. Enjoy an exciting life with the ultimate tour guide!

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