gowiththe…FLOW #HolySpirit

This week I have been making minor plans to do things…workout, wash my hair, cook, go to bed by…etc. and they have just not been happening. They’ve been interrupted, postponed, moved around, and well, that’s fine, and I’ve actually enjoyed the alternative. One thing I will be doing tomorrow tho is skyping with thedivinehostess! (check out her blog and try not to drool) *woot woot!*

But yes, I guess it’s like writing in the sand on the beach and having the tide gently wash some or all of your script away. There’s always a chance it can come out further than expected and you can’t really gauge it based on the past times. No sense in getting upset, it’s the ocean geesh…that’s what it does! After all, you’re in it’s territory and there’s plenty of room to write it again.


Move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream.

The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.

Going with the flow. Makes life much easier. Do it.

It really is like one of the best things you can do (along with a gajillion of other things, right?). And from a planner’s perspective: God’s will, God’s bill. It’s like, really Lord? Now? This is what you want me to do…right now? Alright. But then I trust that He’s gonna work a miracle out of that to-do list ha. That He has my best interest in mind and knows what He’s doing and why. When The God Head 3-n-1 (The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit) are in control (like fa real, fa real), and you’re going with “the flow”, then you don’t have to worry about the consequences of the “interruption”. It won’t distract you if God has purpose in it. In all honesty, refusing to roll with it at times can be considered an interruption in itself — that’s a distraction from His purpose for you at that particular time. For example…it’s past midnight and my butt is usually knocked out and on dream #2 that I won’t remember in the morning.

We gotta remember that once we give our lives to Christ, we.have.given.our.lives.to.Christ. We said I’m yours, you’re mine. We said my way doesn’t work, so I’ma go ahead and let you take it from here. No takebacks.

Father, help us go with the flow so that we may experience life that way you intended. Amen.

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