Dense Fog #Vision

Last night, my “Uncle” informed be that it was gonna be pretty foggy on my drive to work the next morning and he advised that I leave a little earlier than usual. I did. I also checked the forecast and it read “Dense Fog” and that it was. It was a bit scary actually, but I prayed for safety and carried on.

At one point (near my exit) I came to a spot where for a little I could only see what was there in that moment. I couldn’t see what was even slightly far off, behind, or to the sides of me. I thought, wow…this is how life is and chuckled because God is something else.

Occasionally we get these seasons (or not even seasons, but times) where we’re in dense fog. Times where we just don’t know, but we are certainly determined to get to our destination wherever it may be. Ha, and often it’s when we’re just exiting and about to arrive that the dense fog decides to pop up. Times like these give us no choice but to have faith…that we’ll make it through. They give us no choice but to trust…that God sees what’s in front, behind, and to the sides of us. They give us no choice but to stay in the moment.

Now this time may not necessarily be a dark time. It may very well be a good time, a good season, in which you simply don’t know, but hope. I’ve been there. If yours is rough tho, rest assured and hold on the Lord’s promises that…

Even though you walk through the darkest valley, you will fear no evil, for God is with you; His rod and His staff, they comfort you. (Psalm 23:4)


I went to church yesterday, and during the service the speaker said something that agreed with me. He said when you pray (step 1), you must first receive (step 2) before you can have (step 3). He said often we delay ourselves of getting to step 3 because we didn’t exercise our faith and complete step 2. We can only receive by faith. So this is how it is…

When you accept the Lord, Jesus Christ into your heart, you become His child. You really already are His child; He chose you. But, since stinkin’ sin separates man from God, we got separated from Him a while back and are now given an option of choosing Him and rekindling our relationship, returning to our “first love”…awww. 

So now that you’re His again (yay!) there’s this butt load of inheritance you now have access to ’cause your Dad is THE frickin’ KING!…you’re royalty. This is where the message comes in. Do you believe that you’re heir to THE throne? Do you believe that you really do have access to all of these great promises? Do you know that there is a window of blessings over your head? An abundant life in store that exceeds what you can think or imagine? If you do, don’t forget step 2. As Joel Osteen would say “Do you receive it today?” lol. Yes? Well, proceed to step 3 and help someone else do the same 😉 Love you.

2 thoughts on “Dense Fog #Vision

  1. Loved what you wrote about the steps. There’s another bible verse that says that we need to:
    1) Desire
    2) Pray
    3) Believe

    So while the steps are a little different, I think there’s muuuch to be said for us believing who Christ says that we ARE after we receive his blessed gift of Salvation.

    I think as a good reminder — I’m going to read Romans 8 like once a week. It begins w/no condemnation, ends with us as conquers and deals with issues inbetween — sorta like our life with Christ!

    Thanks Nu 4 the reminder and call to basic faith & trust in our 1st love (Christ).


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