R&R #Rest #Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation.

Here I am, going on 4:30 a.m. blogging about R&R. Before you tell me to take my butt to bed, let me explain…
I have a cold. I’ve pretty much been asleep off and on today. My cough just woke me up (an hour early grr) to remind me that the stupid western medication that I reluctantly took 5 hours ago has worn off and my attention is needed asap. Waaah I hate this! 😦

Being off from work due to any illness of some kind is wayyy different from just “being off”. But, I will say that even though I’m sick, I’m actually enjoying this much needed r&r that as usual, I didn’t realize I needed. I’m getting the opportunity to catch up on some Real Housewives of ATL (Guilty PLeasure)..yeaaa buddy.


I’m cracking up right now. My friend who lives in Japan just texted me (It’s tomorrow evening there). She says she’s getting squished on the train right now and cannot move her arms, only her fingers. I just had to share how I love how she’s not letting anything get in the way of our communication. Nope. She has clearly grasped hold of this thing called friendship. Willing to lose a finger for me and all! Now that’s dedication ya’ll! Take notes. I don’t normally like to use names when blogging, but, Shoutout to Keiko! haha. She’s earned this one. *still laughing*.

Now, where were we…?? Ah yes, rest.

Like many people when I don’t rest I get either delirious (just plain goofy-er) or turn into a delicate little crabby patty (beware of unexpected tears lol). That’s rest used interchangeably with sleep. I’m not talking about that kind of rest though, I’m talking about…

    Cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.
    Remain or be left in a specified condition: “rest assured”.Noun:
    An instance or period of relaxing or ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.
    The remaining part of something.

Even the Lord rested after creating the heavens and the earth, remember? So that alone tells us it must be pretty important. I remember… one tiime… at band camp…

No, really…I remember one of my most difficult seasons (ok, maybe not MOST) I was in a “waiting zone” where I had to be still and well, wait for the Lord’s guidance in what to do next. I loved (and still do love) working with youth. At this time I was working with 7th graders as an Instructional Aide at a charter school in a low-income area. The principal of the school wanted me to go back to school and get my teaching credential so that he could hire me as a teacher for the following school year. It made sense, but the The Lord made it clear to me that was not something that He wanted me to do. The school was going through a lot and in the process of possibly getting shut down by the district for tons of both relevant and irrelevant political issues I’m not even gonna get into. Politics suck, ugh.

I couldn’t attend the last board meeting, which always fell on a Tuesday, I had to pack for my new life.

I’m in the airport and I get a phone call from my wing-woman (the teacher I worked with) informing me that it’s over. The school, my school, their school was being shut down and was no longer going to have the honor of impacting the lives of those little people. I wasn’t gonna hear “Good Morning, Ms. Grayson” or “Wassup , Ms. G!”. I was no longer going to be handed random bouquets of ivy leaves or attacked by hugs with little germy booger picking fingers (ok maybe I won’t miss the fingers haha). I was gonna miss a lot, but I was ready for this, whatever this was, and I knew I was in God’s will.

Mind you, this is August. School let out in June. The entire Summer I had no idea what was next. People would ask me questions that I too wanted to be answered. All I could say was I don’t know. That answer just led to more annoying questions. Even those that love you can sometimes make you feel pressured to be or do something when really it’s just your season of R&R. I graciously had my hustles. The school asked me to come in and work the office for a bit which fit in with a little bit of modeling, that fit in with a little bit of house/dog sitting. God had my back for sure and I never missed a pay check.

I’ll never forget watching Karate Kid and Jackie Chan’s character, “Mr. Han” sharing this Chinese proverb with Jayden Smith’s character that:

    “There is a great difference in being still and doing nothing.”

Aha! That was it! All this time I’d been feeling the need to do something when I was supposed to be being still, resting, and waiting on the Lord. Do something so I could have an answer to everyone’s questions including my own. Doing something just so that I wouldn’t be doing nothing! When you’re a person who is always doing something, and functions best with a full plate, trust, “being still” is a job in itself.

When you are still you position yourself to hear from the Lord. You’re saying my attention is yours, what’s up? You’re not really multitasking. Some of us have been waiting for answers to prayers or questions we’ve asked God but we won’t simply be still long enough to hear what He has to say. Trust, I know its hard, but make a reservation for your Savior – He’ll keep it and you’ll be glad you did. There’s nothing like being in His presence.

So get some R&R saints, and spend time with your Jesus. I’ll do the same. Be still. Wait. Trust, and know that He is God. You may not be working, but if you let Him, He will – and moreover, He wants to! Let Him.

    …those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. – Isaiah 40:31

Don’t jip yourself of a blessing. Rise to another level and come soar up here with us eagles 😉

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