#Teach and Be Teachable

Good afternoon motha lovas 🙂

Today I slept in and I’m feeling yum yum gooday! I started my new job this week which consisted of lots of training – the first two days my head spun. Gratefully, each day I adjusted more and more and now 1 week down..whoo! I’ve learned so much and will learn even more as I continue training these upcoming weeks. That’s what’s going on the outside..

Now the inside…
I’m re-learning about me. I’m organized, I’m a planner, I’m a snacker, I enjoy people time, I enjoy me time, and am uneasy when I crave either of those and don’t get. I’m spontaneous, but between certain hours that I’m aware of in advance lol…I’m beautifully, yet simply…complicated ha! You’re probably thinking the same haha.

Lately I’ve been experiencing frustration from time to time with last minute requests or with others making assumptions that I’m available..being asked favors that really don’t leave room for me to respond with a “no” answer.

Busy or not, I don’t like anyone but me or God planning my day. *shrugs shoulders* It is what it is.

I love loving and giving and don’t like being taken advantage of (who does?) but when I realize..or FEEL that I am being taken advantage of, I shut down..I cut people off, I shy away…I sow discord. You see…the enemy knows how I am too…and know just what to throw at me. This time I’m not gonna catch his curve balls..I’m going to set boundaries – this is what I can do…this is what I can’t…this is how I feel when this happens because this is how I am…

You teach people how to treat you. Instead of pointing fingers (which the enemy would like me to do..again) I’m learning to be a better teacher and the Lord is showing me what to teach. Good stuff. You’re certainly always welcome to help me with my coursework for this season by praying for a sista! There’s never a time not to pray.

Remember on both ends of a situation not to make any assumptions. Be sure. Communication brings clarity which leads to harmony.

Clear your heart and share what’s on your mind. Don’t let the enemy steal your smile 🙂

“Arrogant know-it-alls sow up discord, but wise men and women listen to each other’s counsel” – Proverbs 31:10


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